Message for Oscar: Footprints

Dear Oscar, today I want to share one of my fondest memories with you. It’s from my last holidays: a hiking trip to a volcano.


Imagine a relatively small serpentine road and a little car that climbs it up. And if you look through the windscreen you can already see the volcano. And the closer you get the more colors appear: Black and brown but also red, yellow, green and even a few white spots. The sky is blue and the sun is shining brightly. The thermometer reaches 30 degrees. First designation: Valley Station. One feels so small in relation to the big mountain ahead. And there it is: the first thrill of excitement. You have to get up there to the top at nearly 3.300 meters.

The first stage is easy going. The cable car takes you up. One can enjoy the really sensational view. And it’s not only the massive smoky mountain but the whole landscape. The black lava is spotted with goldish yellow plants, the pattern of the ground varied from lava fields to fine black sand and there are the calderas, some of them are only a few years old. Wisps of smoke occur. The whole scenery appears surreal the further away one gets from the public place at the food of the mountain. And your mind begins to wander and one tries to imagine how the setting might have looked a few years ago and if it will change again in future. This place seems to be in a state of transition even now when the cabins hover over it. And one can sneak a peek at the next step of the journey: a small trail leading up the edge of the volcano.

At first it’s not very hard to cope with the gradient of the trail. The ground is solid. But that changes relatively fast. The black sand gains the mastery and one sinks in while moving forward. The legs grow heavy as the path steepens. This gives rise to doubts: Can I make it to the very top of the mountain? One can see people walk there at the crater edge tiny like ants. So there is quite a distance to cover. But you cannot fail to be impressed by the surrounding. Nearly every step one makes discovers the hidden snow under the lava sand and creates beautiful sparkling imprints. And if you look closely there are also teensy red spots: ladybugs, little lucky charms. And you move on, slowly but steady, climbing switchback after switchback, fixing one’s eyes on the top. You are more than curious about the view inside the crater. You cannot wait to see it so you won’t give up although the legs are tired. And then the trail surges for the last time and after a few more steps one has made it. And the view into the volcano is one of the most impressive ones in life, really phenomenal and incomparable beautiful: Precipitous walls and more different colors. It’s all about the power and the beauty of nature. And you’re standing there at the edge and everything is so quiet and peaceful although this mountain is one of the most dangerous ones in the world, still breathing and ready to erupt again. And although you might wish this moment could last forever, you have to start back.

To make this adventure even more exciting there is the opportunity to go out of the way. And there you are, standing at a steep hillside which is covered with the black sand and you truly see no way down: no footsteps, no marks only untouched surface. It’s like a step into the unknown. And you will take this step because you are too curious about how it feels like and the excitement is much bigger than the fear. And it’s so much fun! It doesn’t feel like walking. It’s more sliding and carving and falling, like skiing in deep powdery snow. One reaches the cable car station far too soon. And when you look back, there is a new path created by yourself. Priceless! It was pretty amazing and worth every bit of effort.

Looking back, the whole experience makes me think of you, Oscar. I truly think our journey in life is not about following a given path but about creating one. And this is probably one of the most difficult things in the world with many ups and downs. But one has to take the first step in faith. And you’ve done that perfectly in the past. There are your very unique and beautiful footsteps in the hearts of your family, friends and supporters, in the history of sports and in the lives of those who are inspired by your story of life and your charity work. And if you listen to what your mind and heart already know and let go how your journey should be this will always lead you down the right path. Use the love, hope and faith inside you to be strong. And please be sure that we’ll go every path with you.

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

(Philippians 4:13)

Much love


Message for Oscar: To Oscar (and his supporters)

To Oscar (and his supporters) :

Oscar, I can’t remember how many times I’ve heard that your supporters are very different. I am one. Only one between thousands. But I’m different. And I have a story. A different one.

I’m just a young teenager and I come from a country where unfortunately the paralympic movement is not important. The first time I heard of you was at the Olympics. I read some articles about you but I forgot you until the Paras. That was the first time I saw a paralympic competition. I really enjoyed it! It was a new world and you were the reason I discovered it.

Months later (January) I had the opportunity at the school to make a presentation of a free topic. I chose the Paralympics Games. I was enjoying doing it. I had almost finished it when I heard the bad news. The presentation was a week later. I spoke objectively about what happened, but the people had already judged you and they didn’t care what you achieved… (before, they didn’t even know who you were!) Since that day I support you. This is my story.

We come from the five continents, and yes, we are very very very veeeery different. We only have one thing in common, only one reason to be here.
You. You made us happy and now we try to make you smile, to make you happy again. We only want to see you smile again. If not, why are we here?

You are our reason.

Just be aware of that.

In a corner of Europe

Oscar Pistorius broke down barriers

Oscar Pistorius paved the way for disabled athletes to compete with the able-bodied on an international level

Richard Browne, current T44 100m World Record holder:

‘There’s going to be more than one (amputee sprinter) in the able- bodied Olympics by 2016. Most definitely. The IAAF are going to have to be ready. They have no choice. With guys running 10.57sec, they have no choice but to get ready.

‘I talk to a lot of the able-bodied guys and they accept us with open arms. […]

‘Regardless of what’s going on with Oscar, he broke down so many doors for us and we all owe him gratitude because he showed the world it’s not just crippled people trying to run, but instead we’re athletes; the best  athletes in the world. We will break the able- bodied barrier, to the point where we have it (competitions) all together.’

Read full article on Daily Mail UK

Richard Browne on Twitter

Arnu Fourie, Jonnie Peacock, Richard Browne, Oscar Pistorius, Alan Oliveira
T44 final, London 2012, Paralympic Games; September 6th, 2012

photo: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images Europe

Message for Oscar: Lots of love from Germany

Dear Oscar,

I must admit that I didn’t know much about you before the London Games in 2012. I knew there was a guy from South Africa who runs on prosthesis and who managed to qualify for the able-bodied event. That was something I was looking forward to see on TV.

What I didn’t know is what a humble, open-hearted and inspiring person this guy is. Since then I read and watched many interviews with you on the internet – and I saw a man who makes so many other people smile, who shows a huge amount of empathy, who takes time to talk to people, encourage people, to show them the purpose of life. Always grateful, charming, companionable and with a great sense of humour. I saw a man that cares.

And many people care about you, Oscar! What happened a few months ago cannot be erased and it changed many lives forever. Not only your life. Whatever the future will bring, I hope that one day you will find your beautiful smile again, you can go on with giving your experience, your warm-heartedness and your positive spirit out to the world. So many people benefit from that. It would be such a loss to lose this powerful exchange.

Stay strong Oscar, have faith and preserve your warmth and your empathy. I, as many others, will never forget all the good things you did, all the joy and hope you brought into the world. This is what I remember and what makes me smile when I think of you.

Lots of love from Germany

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Message for Oscar: I believe that The Lord has plans for you

Dearest Oscar,

This is a poignant time for those who love you, as it must be for you. Just a year ago, you were preparing for the greatest triumph of your young life so far, coming to our beautiful city of London with a feeling of excitement and anticipation. A year later, who could have imagined everything would be so different? Certainly not you, dear boy.

You made a terrible mistake, Oscar. You don’t deny that. It’s true your life will never be what it was. But I believe that The Lord has plans for you that He will not allow to be thwarted. He forgave you the very first time you asked Him to. He will reveal the path as you become ready to walk it, which you will, dear boy, with time. I don’t know how this will come about, but trust the Lord to move the mountains that stand in your way.

Do not despair. Though you may not see it yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel. God has a plan and a purpose for your life, and He has not forgotten it. He knows where you will be this time next year, even if you do not, and He has His hand firmly upon you and your future. Only trust. Live each day as it comes, for His grace is sufficient for that day. Don’t look to tomorrow. Trust the Lord that He will guard and guide you through This day, and trust in Him to do the same tomorrow, and the day after.

Just last night, in my church group, I heard a young woman tell the story of how her brother was arrested for attempted murder, and all the evidence pointed strongly to him being convicted, even though he was innocent of the crime. But God came through in a remarkable way, and he was released and sent home after just one day in court, with no charge or discredit to his account. Oscar, I believe that God will come through for you too, how, we don’t yet know, but His arm is not too short to save! You are an inspirational young man, and have been ever since you first burst on the Paralympic scene. You will be inspirational again, in what way we don’t know, but it will happen. God has not invested so much in you for all that to be lost. Believe it. Believe Him.

With much love, Julia, UK


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