A short anecdote: Oscar, Haflidi and the gold medal


haflidi_goldphoto private – used with friendly permission

Me and my family went to see Oscar Pistorius compete in Manchester 2009. After the race Oscar ran away from reporters and fans (without anyone noticing really – he runs fast! ) and put his gold medal around my son’s neck and said: “This is for you champion” and then he ran right back. It happened so fast I could not even get a photo. My son, beaming with joy, said: “Did I win? .. Was I good?” We keep that medal in a safe place.

Ebba Gudny Gudmundsdottir
mother of Haflidi, a double amputee from Iceland

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“Some people in your life touch you so very deeply that you drown totally in that depth.”

“Some people in your life
Touch you so very deeply
That you drown totally in that depth.”
― Amit Abraham

Oscar, at just 26 years old, I think this quotation accurately sums up how your life has touched others and why those who you have touched so deeply now find themselves submerged with you in the grim reality of your current ordeal. And, it seems remarkable to me that whilst one can know a person for a lifetime and not be so moved by their life’s experiences, a stranger with innate goodness, grace and integrity can affect one’s life in such a way. Such connections are made with the heart.

Oscar, I believe that special people come into your life for a reason, maybe to show you who you are or to inspire you to become the person you aspire to be. They teach you valuable lessons and help to shape your life into something deeper and more meaningful. I believe that you have this effect on the people you inspire. And, whilst I have watched you over the last few months with great heartache and sorrow, I am so glad that you came into my life. Your example, the way you have faced adversity with honesty, humility and a deep conscience continues to remind the world how special you are and why you continue to touch people’s lives so profoundly.

I believe in you Oscar. You are a good man. Truth and justice will prevail.

God bless you dear boy.

I believe in you

Love Heather

Your Global Family


Message for Oscar: Hope Follows Courage

“Step follows step,

Hope follows Courage,

Set your face towards danger,

Set your heart on victory.”

~ Gail Carson Levine

Oscar, I found this quote when I was looking for something for the latest collage we did on the blog. It seems so very fitting.

Hold onto your courage, darling one, turn your face towards danger by preparing for this ordeal, mentally and physically, and let us all set our hearts on victory.

We believe in you, and we trust in Barry Roux, and when this battle is won and you have had time to grieve and heal properly, well then, we will still be here, ready to support you in whatever you decide to do next, still believing in you, and still with our hearts set on victory.

Take care of yourself, sweetheart.

With much love,


Oscar Pistorius in a special edition on ‘The Beano’


Oscar Pistorius is to star in a special edition on The Beano, marking the start of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. He’ll appear alongside Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, bearing the nickname ‘Victorious’ Pistorius. The comic also includes a profile on the South African sprinter and looks at how those infamous blades work.
Beano editor Mike Stirling said: “When people told Oscar he couldn’t be an athlete due to his disability, he ignored them and, in that respect, he’s just like Dennis, who never does as he is told. It was an easy decision to choose Oscar to appear as our cover star because, like Dennis, Oscar is an inspiration to our readers by making the most of every opportunity and by ignoring those who say ‘You can’t do that’.”

Responding to the news, Oscar tweeted, ‘How cool is this?!’

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