This is why many of us still believe in Oscar

Oscar Pistorius – Olympic Sprinter – September 2012

photo: Jim Thurston (via Wikimedia Common)

I was hard pressed not to select Oscar Pistorius, aka the Blade Runner, as the August Athlete of the month. His performance in the 2012 London Summer Olympic games was so inspiring and I think the entire world must have been rooting for him. Watching him compete against able-bodied athletes and beat them was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in athletics in my entire life.

~ taken from an article published on HubPages, September 2012

Least we forget – just one year ago this is what the media and public saw. This is why many of us still believe in Oscar.

A young life that showed nothing but strength, perseverance, success and drive. Being a world-class athlete is no small achievement. If that was all Oscar Pistorius stood for it could be said that he was among the gifted few.

But Oscar is a lot more than that. He become an icon. He become a brand. He became a movement. He challenged establishments. He fought against stereotypical prejudice. He made it “cool” to run with no legs.

What did the “blade runner” mean to people challenged by physical or mental disabilities? He made them feel “ten feet tall.” He was a refreshing force for change. He believed that one person can make a difference. He wanted “abilities” not “disabilities” to define a person.

To believe that he would throw away a career, his personal freedom, his entire life in a rash act of anger is ridiculous.

That’s why I believe.

– Beverley David


17 thoughts on “This is why many of us still believe in Oscar

  1. I don’t think I can add any more that other’s have already replied to Henke’s message. I echo all the lovely, supportive messages and add my own belief, trust and unconditional love for Oscar here and my love and support to the whole family. We KNOW he is innocent and we will stand by him and support him every step of the way.


  2. Well said Beverly and Henke. I believe in Oscar, always have and always will. He will always be an inspiration to me. It is heart breaking that this happened to him. We will continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers long after he is cleared by the court.


  3. Such beautiful heartfelt words written in true honesty about a very special, talented, kind & compassionate man who has done so much for others he’s excelled himself both on and off the track both as an athlete and ambassador for disabled people the world over. We’ve believed in him from day one and will continue to do so.
    Our thoughts & prayers are with Oscar, his family and everyone concerned
    May God Bless you & keep you safe
    Much Love & Respect to you all
    Michele W xx


  4. I just read Beverly’s post. On fb and I would like to say that a person does feel good ehen there is positive reply from Oscar’s family. Yes we follow you Oscar because we have reason to believe. You gave each of us a reason to stick by our thoughts May God keep you safe and remember everywhere there are people praying and believing in you we love you God bless dearest, Oscar be safe!!


  5. I believe in him too. I believe in a man only a day previously had put details on twitter about setting up a foundation to give 10 kids a year mobility. From all the pictures of Oscar I have seen he is totally at home with children & they feel comfortable in his company. A lot of athlete’s in the public eye devote time to good causes. If you are a footballer in the Premier League or Championship it is part of your job for the club’s to nominate a charity & promote it.
    Oscar however went the extra mile wasn’t enough just to pose with fans he took the tine to get to know them personally. I heard he never refused an autograph & have heard he would gp out of his way to get tickets for children with disabilities who wanted to see him compete.
    I agree with Beverley why throw it all away. I believe what happened that night was a tragic accident.


  6. MOST people KNOW that Oscar ‘shot an intruder’, to protect Reeva & himself.
    Records show that his ‘mistaken identity’ is one of more than 27 similar cases the past 3 years in South Africa.
    (Information source, ‘BlockWatch’, -a leader in residential security in South Africa.)
    When Oscar said, ‘I felt vulnerable’ think for a moment just how vulnerable he must have felt and in fact were!!
    On his stumps, a ‘big man on small pegs, not mobile at all’. In a country where total unnecessary and deliberate violent crime is a regular occurrence. The intruder is now already in the bathroom and Oscar must protect the ‘love of his life’.
    If Oscar had taken a close position in front of the door and was heard, he could have been shot by the intruder – standing away from the door, Oscar shout to Reeva (who he believes is in bed, sleeping) to phone the police – in fear and away from the door, at an angle, with little chance of hitting the intruder, Oscar opened fire.
    His fear was a ‘product’ of the very high crime & murder rate in South Africa.
    In hind site, we can all be very smart with many ‘if’s & but’s’ – please let us all except the statement from a true quality man and let the court question Oscar.
    It is with compassion, care and sincere sympathy to Reeva’s parents that I which to appeal to them to ‘KNOW’ that, ‘your very special and beautiful daughter had an exemplary man as her friend’, Truly a man you could be proud of, as proud as Reeva was.
    I do not know a man on this planet, who’s ‘statement on the facts of that morning’, would be more reliable than the ‘statement of facts’, supplied by Oscar.

    Please pray with me – let us all pray for divine wisdom, courage and clarity from GOD – for Reeva’s parents, for Oscar, for the Judge, Oscar’s family and for ‘all of us, his friends’.


    • Dear Henke,

      All of this we know to be true and we pray for everyone to recognise it, and for Oscar to become whole again. It is our dearest and most fervent wish. Thank you so much for contributing this heartfelt and informed message.

      Much love from



    • Thanks for your message Henke. It breaks my heart to think what poor Oscar is going through and I hope and pray he is able to overcome his grief and remember who he is. An exemplary young man.


    • Dear Henke:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to contribute to my words.

      Like me, everyone who supports your lovely son Oscar wants to put their arms around him and your family. I hope you feel, even in a small way, the love, support, and hope of so many people all around the world.

      We have watched this young man, who you are and should be so proud of, grow into a lovely humanitarian and a world class athlete.

      We pray with you and all your family that Oscar can get over this tragic time and move on with his life in freedom and find peace. We pray for a positive verdict and trial that proves why Oscar, in fear and self defense, acted the way he did.

      As a mother I want to end by saying Mr. Pistorius that you have a beautiful family and three precious children who are a shining example of sister and brotherly love.

      Congratulations to you and their mother for raising them to be the very special people they are. And, of course, for raising a special child like Oscar and giving him the support to be defined by his tremendous god given talent and abilities.

      God bless you all. God bless Oscar.

      With sincere respect,
      Beverley David


    • Dear Henke we pray for your wonderful son to be safe and we still believe it was an accident I stay in south africa myself and was teach to use a fire arm on the base where my husband was based when he was in the airforce for the reason for the women to protect them self and there innocent children. I know what it is to live in fear every night we are guarded by the Police when the shop closes and you never stop being allerted so the fear is always there when you even have to open your house when you get back from work. You have a wonderfull son and family and we will shower you with love and prayers Henke. Take care off Oscar and please show him that his supporters out there will move mountains to. Defend him and fight for his dignity God bless You all lots of love and prayers dear Friend


    • Heartfelt words, Henke.

      And we do pray for you – your entire family, Oscar’s friends, his legal team and all those touched by this tragedy are included in my prayers each night. It isn’t just Oscar that needs the strength of our prayers, it’s all of you – to support him, you also need supporting. And yes, for a compassionate Judge who has some understanding of disability and how vulnerable someone with a disability like Oscar’s must feel and have felt that night.

      Much love to you xx


    • What wonderful words. The dignity you and your whole family have shown during these last months is amazing. I too believe that this was a tragic accident and the truth will come out. Oscar is in my thoughts and prayers daily and while none of us understand why this had to happen to such a inspirational man in a time when the world so badly need people like him we have to believe that it is part of God’s plan and trust in him. All we his global family can do is continue to pray for everyone involved and this we will do. God bless you all. Xx


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