Message for Oscar: Keep hope and faith alive

Dearest Oscar,

there is not a day that will go by that my thoughts are not with u, what pain u must be going through of how your life has turned out. But not you, or me must question Gods plan for us, he will never put anything on our path if he knew we won’t be able to handle it, I always believe bad things must happen in our life’s for something better still to come.

God gave u life without two legs because he knew that you will be strong enought to give other people like u a positive out look in life, and u did a good job of it so he decided to give u a higher mountain to climb, u still don’t know how u will be able to do that but keep on praying and keep Hope and Faith alive God will give u the answers to what your task will be.

And always remember that your family, friends and Supporters around the world are backing u all the way cause we love u, and strongly believe in you.

Be strong Blade Runner

Bernadette, SA

3 thoughts on “Message for Oscar: Keep hope and faith alive

  1. Oscar you are a wonderful person and this shines through from your eyes,large and bright snd me strength and fighting,or you are a fighter ever to make its stopping,


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