God loves you

I belive that God will help you. It does’nt matter what whoever say to or about you. Don’t let anyone get into your mind. Just fill your mind with God’s Word and depend on Him, and accept what He allow to happen.

Me and my family always will pray for you.
God bless you.

Pastor Faan Pretorius

Stay strong

I am so, so sad for not only Oscar but for both his and Reevas families. Bless his heart, he is under such intense scrutiny and whatever he says or does, there is always someone ready to take a swipe.

The trial should never, ever have been televised. It has turned into a media circus. The kangaroo court of public opinion is just plain vile. Why do people find it so pleasurable to build someone up to an untouchable, glorified status, then take the greatest of pleasure in tearing them down when they turn out to be normal human beings with faults and frailties.

Oscar clearly has to answer for his actions on that dreadful night and although I 100% believe that he did not intend to harm or kill Reeva, quite the opposite, he was, however reckless, something that no one more than he already knows. He has punishment enough having to live with Reevas death at his hand without having to endure the vile bitterness of people who have nothing better to do than pass judgement on someone elses misfortune. Perhaps people should stop and take a moment to think that if Oscars version of events are true, Reeva would be mortified if she thought people were out to destroy him like this.

I can’t finish without a word about the compassion, care, love and loyalty shown to Oscar by his family but in particular, Aimee. She clearly adores and loves her brother unconditionally. It does restore my faith in human nature that there are still some angels on this earth and I am glad that Oscar has his own angel by his side to hold his hand and comfort him.

Sara (UK)

Impossible is not Oscar


As it seems there will be other tough days, you have to know you will not be alone in the witness stand.
Loads and loads of people who love and admire you will be behind you, even if you don’t see us.
Now show all of us and ‘them’ who you are! Because this is why we love you and will always support you.
And that is how everything will be all right…
Love and positive vibes to you and all the Pistorius family.

Maryline, France.

‘Impossible is not Oscar.’