Painting for Oscar: Unconditional Love

We recently discovered this beautiful painting by Chantel Groenewald Hart and she’s been kind enough to allow us to post it here. This is what she had to say about it – 

‘This is God’s painting. It needs to be out there for everyone to see. God has purpose in it. I always say my talent is God’s talent. I’m just the instrument. I had a vision of what I had to paint and normally if it’s a Godly inspired idea I just can’t stop. I started it at 8 after putting my kids to bed and finished at 3 the next morning. It is for each person that looks at it to interpret. It speaks different things to each persons spirit. I didn’t know what God wanted me to do with it but I’m starting to think I have to frame it and give it to Oscar. I felt like God wanted me to paint him with his blades because He want him to have the determination and the will to exceed and overcome that his blades taught him in his life. His blades gave him that power and he needs use that to pull through. He is not alone and it’s OK if he can’t pray anymore because God put angels in place to do it on his behalf and to draw strength. There is so much purpose in all of this. Too big for us to understand now. But if God was big enough to understand, He wouldn’t have been big enough to worship.’

A stunning picture and an amazing talent.

Admin Team

IMG_0534[1]~ click image to enlarge ~

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