Dusk is Done

For Oscar,

If at dusk a dark storm looms and breaks deep inside, harden yourself for fear will scorch and score your soul. Forgive yourself some pity as life’s unsettled waves tear, view is bleak and you feel suddenly small and wearingly weak. Are you hampered knowing no lap or shoulder is close enough to seek!

If rain with aggression starts to threaten blasts of hurt so vile, permit only a tailored trickle obscured by softening mist. Little fish persist. Remind yourself that sacred is the place your crippling cries are born at source. Though strong and loud even they cannot reach lost solid ground.

If tears refuse to subside, then let them run down tired lines and watch them drop from your face to a distant place. They will blur the ink once sharp and cushion sorrow that is past. Console yourself, the splash below does pale the shade to grey in which a silver lining lays.

If anger fails and strength prevails against the vicious bite then swim headlong in, meet the stare of that eye so grim. With all your might blind and blight that cursing storm, remove the callous cruel thorn. Calm yourself then snatch your piece of new horizon within your reach.

If caution holds, change direction in opposite swim. Out there a frost may still exist and armoured with a mindless fist. Jack’s a lad with many names, though someone’s sun, guard against this bitter one. Allow yourself some trust again, give yourself some hope of men.

Dusk is done and Dawn has won.

With Love

Collette W

The Arm of The Lord


Dear Oscar, I wrote down these words for you during worship today.

Give everything to Jesus, freedom is there. Total surrender means freedom. Hide yourself in Him, see yourself IN HIM, hidden, protected, no longer vulnerable, alone or exposed. Where Jesus goes, you go. Where you go, Jesus goes. His hand holds yours in the strongest grip. He won’t let go. When you walk up steep, unmarked paths and your muscles are weary He will hold you. When you sink to your knees in a muddy swamp His arm will pull you free, if you do not struggle.

When your heart soars in wonder of Him He rejoices beside you. His heart sings when you sing. His eyes are soft with love, with pride, with affection when He sees what you have done with the gifts He gave you – your strength of character, your humility, your honesty, your focus and purpose.

The Lord died for you to have life. His death means that you have life in its fulness, that you might rejoice in the darkest of moments, see His purpose when all seems hopeless, perceive His delivering arm when those around you scream words of hate.

“In your deepest place of despair you will find the flame of MY hope that cannot be extinguished. My purposes for your life WILL be fulfilled, for if I am for you, who may be against you? You will not have to fight this battle, but you will stand and see the victory I, the Lord, have won for you.”


Trust with all of your heart


I have watched you struggle. I have watched you in pain, I have watched you try. I have watched you fall, and I have watched you get up. But, I say, take hope for you have persevered. You have not given up the faith. You have continued to go forward even in hard times and even under the persecution of the evil one and even dealing with the curses that have been formulated against you. Now, I say, you have come to a new day, a new time, a new beginning, a day of blessing. You have endured the struggle for life and spiritual reality and to know Me better. You have withstood these days of affliction, and yet they have been days of building and of strengthening, and they have been days of preparation for this new season. I encourage you in this time to gird up your strength and your love for Me. Look upon Me with faith and trust in Me as you walk into the days before you. My blessings shall surely come upon you. As it is written, I will restore the years that the canker worm and the locusts have eaten, and that which has been stolen and taken from you. Today, begin again to trust with all of your heart. You have seen good things and you have seen bad things, ,, but you will see greater things in the season ahead than you have seen in days gone by. It is MY good pleasure to give you the kingdom and to bring the blessings upon you, says the Lord. God bless you, Oscar, and as always stay connected to God.

Isabel Giliomee
Hazyview S.A

He planted you

If you’ve been feeling isolated in a dark place, don’t worry… God did not bury you, He planted you! He is just cultivating you and growing you up! Seeds root in the dark place, destiny evolves in the dark place, transformation occurs in the dark place. When God is about to renew your mind, He will always take you thru a dark place. But, after you have suffered a while, the God of all grace will perfect you, establish you, strengthen you and settle you! 1 Peter 5:10

Lizzie Joubert