Surround him with Your love

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for Oscar with all that is still going on.

I thank You Lord God that You are Oscar’s Advocate and Judge. You alone are altogether gracious and altogether righteous.

Thank You Father that Oscar is in Your hands and we can trust You for You alone know every detail of his life. You are Truth.

Father God I pray that You would comfort and strengthen Oscar and that Oscar would experience your abundant peace and presence. Surround him with Your love.

In Jesus name I pray.


Garry Manning

Continue on in life with dignity

Dear Oscar.

I watched your trial from day 1, and always believed your version. It’s hard to make that up, knowing every avenue would be investigated. You kept your dignity throughout, and that has to be admired. You are still a true inspiration to millions around the world. I will never understand what purpose would be served sending you to prison.  How sad, so many people forgot so quickly all the good you did for so many people and how sad, that we have a world full of armchair judges ready to condemn you. I was so saddened at your sentencing, it seemed pointless, especially after enduring 20 months of hell in the media. It was purely done to keep the animals quiet. I hope that you find the strength to serve your time, and continue on in life with dignity. I hope, that in time, those who went against you, will realise their actions. Don’t spend any time thinking about them Oscar, always remember you still have millions around the world who will always support you. Be strong.


By His Grace

For every hardship there’s relief while some hardship come with double relief, Oscar be rest assured, sooner you’re going to be free from bondage, by his grace.

Abbas Inuwa

The light, love, truth, beauty and peace within her

Dear Oscar,

During these turbulent times we have completely forgotten to honor your love for Reeva. She must have been a wonderful, kind, open-minded and lovable individual.

Even to think about her must be so painful that no words can describe the sorrow and pain.

But I will always honor her soul, the place in her where the entire universe resides, the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within her.

In sharing these things we all can be united, because we are the same, we are one.

God bless you Oscar