Keep the faith Oscar and keep your chin up

Keep the faith Oscar and keep your chin up!

We are all with you, not in person, but in our thoughts and prayers!

Its heartwarming to hear you have been visited by family and friends.  Carls comment about not shaving his beard for 9 months tickled us – taking ‘movember’ a bit far eah! 9 months? Wow – he will be a bit ‘Hagrid’ by then.

I hope u are being looked after well enough.

God bless you Oscar, and your precious family – you all really are inspirational. I am humbled to know of you all.

Take care.



Belated Birthday Wishes: Allison

Happy birthday to you and my familys hearts are with you on this time. I know you can make this through Oscar you have the love life and soul to make it through and at the end you will smile that once beautiful smile again.

Our hearts are with you always, Oscar.



You weren’t born to fail

Hey Oscar

I’ve just read an interview that your pretty awesome brother has given to a magazine. He says you’ve already got ideas on initiatives to help your fellow inmates, to give them direction, get them exercising mind and body. We knew you could do it. We knew you would find a way to bring yourself back home.

Just keep going, Oscar. One hour at a time, one day at a time, one step at a time. It’ll be a long, hard slog, but you’ve got it in you. You weren’t born to fail.

Love Carly


Grow Brave

Dear Oscar,

Whilst I doubt very much that you’re smiling at your troubles, I hope you can take this enforced time out to reflect, grow and gather strength and belief in yourself again.

Be kind to yourself, lovely.

Love and blessings,



May God bless you abundantly


I was reading the article posted by your sister about the birthday special you had in Jail. If there’s one wish I have is that the people would leave you alone in anyway a bday is a special day that was the day you were born that was the day that God planned for you to come into this big world so every birthday is special. I pray in my heart that the people that does not have a good word for you or doesn’t like you to stop make accusations that is not true.

On every birthday we say to other people or relatives may God bless you abundantly and that is my wish for you to bless you guide you hold you and keep you strong. Just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel and your big light is shining. We will overcome this together. Don’t listen to other people you are still standing you are still positive and you will stay positive until everything is over.

Have faith Oz have faith God works in mysterious ways. Be blessed and trust in his word.

Marilize Cleary