Counting the days

Dear Oscar

It’s now been 101 days since we last saw your beautiful face! I pray that time is passing by quickly for you and I hope you are staying strong in mind and body. You are always in my thoughts, wherever I am or whatever I’m doing…. You are always there! I will never stop believing in you dear boy and I continue to fight your corner whenever required. I hope soon you’ll be granted contact visits with your family and then able to receive those longed for hugs and kisses that you so badly need.

Take care of yourself and stay safe …. We all love you!

Love Angela ( England) x

Lightening Burdens


Dear Oscar,

You have lightened the burdens of many over the years, and I believe you will do so again, if you aren’t already!

Stay strong, and keep believing in yourself and your purpose in life.


Lili, UK

The Rainbow Door

Dear Oscar,

Look at this, we’re halfway through another week. It might not seem like it to you, but time is moving on.
Just hang in there a little bit longer. I know you have the inner strength to do it. But please, while you struggle to fill your time, don’t focus on the negatives. You might currently live in a black and white world but your future is bursting with colour – with promise, with hope, with opportunity, with giving and caring and loving; it’s coloured by all the things that you can do, things that only you can do, the changes you can make, the people you can help, the lives you can improve, the children you can delight, the adults you can educate, the laws you might consider challenging. In the four minutes it has taken me to write this, I have already filled a sheet of paper with all the things you can do, thanks to your being Oscar Pistorius, Blade Running, Kick-Ass Trail Blazer. So you just think about that, the next time you feel hopeless and without light. Because if I can paint one sheet of paper with your colour in a matter of minutes, just imagine what you can come up with if you think, if you dream, if you are determined.
All you have to do is focus on the rainbow door to your new life.

Love Carly

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Today, in the Swedish calender…

Dearest Friend, Oscar …

today it says – Carl – in the Swedish calendar – we would love to get succumb the most beautiful coffee table for you – today ….
for you and for your brother … and the table is blessed – because there is enough for everyone …
Thought Hugs to you on your name day – from all of us …


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Eye of the Tiger

Dear Oscar

Now that three months is up, you know the rules. You know how to keep going. It will never be as bad again because you now have the knowledge to survive. You have done it, Oscar! You have survived three months and can now count off the next three months, after which, all being well, you will change category and be allowed more treats, including contact visits. You have survived your birthday, Christmas and the New Year. The big celebrations of the year are over and you dealt with them in your own quiet and patient way. You are a survivor, Oscar, one fabulous survivor. As the band Survivor sang:

Rising up, back on the street
Did my time, took my chances
Went the distance now I’m back on my feet
Just a man and his will to survive
(~ Eye of the Tiger; Survivor)

Things are going to get better for you, I truly believe that. We are all here for you, sending you our love and support any way we can. Together we can be strong, stay strong. We’re going nowhere Oscar, we’re standing right by your side, metaphorically.

With love

Love and Light

Dear Oscar,

I am sending you love and light during this horrible time. I hope you are encouraged and you can somehow feel the love and support I am sending you from so far away!! I cannot imagine what you are going thru and if there was some way I could fix this for you I would. Keep your head up and know there is some reason this is your journey. I hope you will be free soon and you’re able to rebuild and serve others as you have before. Sending you the biggest hug from California!! I will keep you in my heart.

Love and light,