You can keep going


Dear Oscar,

I’ve just come across this short text. And although it’s not 100% adequate, it still made me think of you:

If you’re struggling right now, remember it gets easier and better the more you keep going.

When learning to ride a bike do you always stay up? No. You fall on the floor occasionally and lose your balance but then you get back up. Dust yourself off and keep going until you succeed.

You wouldn’t give up learning to swim or learning to ride a bike just because it’s hard and you have had a few set backs. So, don’t give up when you have a problem.

Always look for solutions because if you look hard enough you will find one.

(found on wicidstuff)

You’re in my thoughts every day.

Much love,


You are loved

My dear boy – my friend,

This time I really don’t know what to say to you – because I think the most beautiful words have already been spoken. What have I to add – that you haven’t heard before? Probably nothing! Then, why am I sitting here, chasing some meaningful words to put down to you? Because it’s very important for me to make sure you will know (in your heart), that you are still loved. Like I used to say to my two wonderful boys when they were younger: ” I don’t like what you are doing (if they did something wrong) – but I love YOU”. It’s the same with you, Oscar. Of course I don’t like what happened that dreadful night (who does) – but I still love you. No misstakes in the world, will ever change that. Even if you perhaps don’t like yourself too much at the moment, there are thousands of people who does, we are all loving and caring for you, my boy. You are precious – never, ever forget that! I hope you can find some kind of strength by knowing that you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. That’s why I keep on telling you, over and over again (and I won’t stop until you believe me). YOU ARE LOVED! YOU ARE LOVED! YOU ARE………

I have read in the paper that you want to work with children in the future. Of course I know by now, that you should not believe everything the media is saying, but I hope this one will be true. Because I am sure you have all the qualities you need to be perfect with children. I have been working with children for more than 30 years, so I think I would know. So please hold on to your positive thoughts about the future – and the future will soon be here!
God bless you my son – now and always!

Much of love
Ulla Sweden

I am leading you

Dear beloved Oscar

I know you. I know the struggles that you have been through. I know the hardships that you have had to walk through. I know the work of the enemy against you. I know what’s happened. I know that you have been a sign spoken against. I know that there are people that have risen up in conflict with you. I say to you right now, I know your heart and that your heart is for Me. Understand that I will not forsake you. Never will I leave you. For, I am leading you to a fresh pasture. I’m leading you to new ground. I’m leading you into the place of My Glory, even in these days. And, it begins this very moment and this time that as you realize that I am one with you that you will know that everything is going to be okay. Just walk. Walk with Me. Believe in Me. Trust in Me to bring you into the freshness of a new day this very season, says the Lord.

God bless you, as always stay connected to God 💕💕

Isabel Giliomee
Hazyview S.A


I stand by you

Dear Oscar,

I have admired your athletic skill, sportsmanship, advocacy for the disabled, community service & love for your family.  Stay true to yourself and those who love you.  I am one of many who believe in you, pray for you daily & admire your grace.  Please don’t forget- “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;  in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” 

God Bless you, Reeva and both of your families.

Much love and support always, 
Susan Dougherty-Guild, USA