Forgiveness is a decision

Estas palabras son para todos aquellos que expresan pensamientos y
sentimientos negativos hacia Oscar.
Ojalá les ayude a modificar la linea de sus pensamientos.

“El perdón es una decisión, no un sentimiento,
porque cuando perdonamos no sentimos más la ofensa,
no sentimos más rencor.
Perdona, que perdonando tendrás en paz tu alma y la tendrá el que te ofendió.”
~ Madre Teresa de Calcuta

Marcela en Patagonia

English Translation:
These are my words for all those people who express negative thoughts and feelings towards Oscar. I wish it’ll help them to change their minds:
“Forgiveness is a decision, not a feeling, because when we forgive we no longer feel the offense, we no longer feel resentment. Forgive, when forgiving your soul will find peace and will give you peace to your offender.” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)

There Is Still love

Ozzie, I know that in this world we don’t see a lot of loving, care nor trust amongst each other. How I wish people could see you the way I do, our golden champ with his golden heart. I thank God each day for sending you into my life for now I am able to show you that there is still love, hope and most of all a precious future for you. Do not despair for your time to shine is almost upon you. Remember that he who kneels before God can stand before anyone.

Nicky Killian


I am (once again) speechless

My dear boy – my friend,

This time, I quite don’t know what to say to you – anything I say will sound so wrong and petty! I am (once again) speechless over how awful and cruel you have been treated. My heart is broken and I can’t find the pieces …..

I am worried about you, my son – how much more can you take? I know that you are a strong person – but even you must have a limit of what you can stand. I haven’t the right to ask you for anything, but please, I beg you not to give up! Try to find the light in the tunnel and start to walk towards it – don’t loose your faith in God! We are so many out here loving and caring for you, we believe in you and we believe in love. Try not to put any of your valuable energy on the “haters” – it will just drained you. Please focus on all the people who love and care for you instead. Love is an emotion that built up and strengthen, while hatred brakes down and destroy.

As I have said before, I feel so lost and empty after this last cruel decision not to release you (on the 21:th of August) – I feel so frustrated and can only imagine how you and your beautiful family must feel? Just breath for a while, breath in and out … in and out – it’s not easy, I know, but please try … in and out …..

I know I have no magic words to make you feel better right now. So I just continue to tell you how much you are loved. Not only by your wonderful family and true friends, but by thousands of us, your supporters. We support you for the kind and humble person you are – NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE THAT!!!

You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you my son!



Walk Through Fire

Dear Oscar

I write this letter with aching heart. For at this very moment my heart should be rejoicing at the thought of your first night at home, after 10 months of isolation and enforced separation from those you love. At this moment, my head should be filled with tender images of family giving prayerful thanks, a nourishing meal shared, and loving reunion. Instead, my heart is heavy, and my mind is wrestling with the cruel reality of yet more days and nights confined by prison walls. As my head grapples with this new low in an already shocking saga of man’s inhumanity to man, I am struck by the grave irony of a man’s rights being exploited by one who bears the word ‘Justice’ in his title, at the whim of the ill-informed and those who profess to represent the rights of the most vulnerable in society.

I really shouldn’t have been shocked. After all, recent chapters in the story of your life are similarly punctuated by examples of injustice, corruption, bias and abuse of power. But, shocked I was. And shocked I am glad to be. For the day I am no longer appalled by the depths to which some are prepared to stoop to further their own self-serving motives, and slake their perpetual thirst for revenge, is the day my heart has turned to stone, rendered incapable of the finer human emotions; sorrow, empathy, compassion, love and human kindness.

Oscar, nothing we say or write, can possibly express how sorry we are that you are faced with yet another obstacle to overcome. I and my fellow supporters are still staggering under the callousness of this new injustice, so we can only imagine how you and your loved ones feel about this brutal turn of events. But whilst you must be reeling, we hope and we pray that you will not be crushed. We hope and pray that you are afforded new reserves; of faith, hope, courage and resolve – the resolve to continue to seek for justice and the right to pursuit of healing, happiness, and a life rebuilt.

My boy, I so wish you could see the depth of belief in you, and feeling for you. I wish you could know just how personally we take each injustice. I wish your heart could absorb the strength and support of those who really do care, and I wish you could know just how loved you are. For these are good people motivated by sincerity and humanity, who recognise like qualities in you, and who put to shame the motivations of those who wrong you. Those who are driven by ego, power, jealousy, revenge and hatred. Those who are blind to their own inhumanity and truly to be pitied.

Over the last few days, we have experienced the full spectrum of emotions; outrage, disbelief, despair, frustration, helplessness, empathy, compassion, hope, resolve and love. We talked, we raged, we wept. But we also reminded ourselves that our anxieties are the least, and that by giving our fears credence we deny that God is in control. So now we will square our shoulders, we will take a long deep breath and we will absorb the by now familiar faith and quiet dignity of your family. We will remind ourselves that you have overcome so much in your lifetime, and that you have already travelled so far. You have a long road ahead of you yet, but you will never journey alone. You have the loyalty and love of your family, your friends and your global family of supporters who would walk through fire with you. But much more than that, dear boy you are the child of a great and merciful God, who loves you and has promised to never leave you.

Oscar, as hard as it may be, you will keep moving forward and your life will one day regain a sense of normality. We hope and pray that day will come soon; a day when justice prevails over injustice, when loss is replaced by acceptance, when loneliness is eclipsed by love, and when pain and anguish will be superseded by serenity and peace of mind, We long for the day when your spirit will soar once more, and new life affirming chapters will be added to the unfolding story of your life. A life full of love, happiness and peace of mind. A life worth living. A life rebuilt.

God bless you Oscar.

Heather x

Go through fire


Reach the summit


I found this in a little Church in Wengen on the day Oscar’s release was thwarted before I knew about the details.
I also found a visitors book in the Church & wrote in it ‘Thinking of you Oscar from afar’


Oscar you have reached the top of the mountain before & you can reach the summit again


Vis le jour d’aujourd’hui

“Vis le jour d’aujourd’hui..
Il est à toi, vis-le en Lui.
Le jour de demain est à Dieu.
Il ne t’appartient pas.
Ne porte pas sur demain le souci d’aujourd’hui..
Demain est à Dieu, remets-le Lui.
Le moment présent est une frêle passerelle:
Si tu la charges des regrets d’hier..
Et de l’inquiétude de demain, la passerelle cède et tu perds pied.
Le passé ? Dieu pardonne
L’avenir ? Dieu le donne.
Vis le jour d’aujourd’hui en communion avec Lui.”


Je ne vous connais qu’à travers ce que j’ai lu ou entendu sur vous, mais j’ai toute confiance en l’être humain que vous êtes.
Vous avez la force et le courage pour affronter les futures épreuves.
Faites abstraction des méchancetés que vous entendrez et de l’agressivité dont vous serez l’objet. Vous ne les méritez pas.
Vous êtes riche de vrais amis qui vous soutiennent, pensent à vous et prient pour vous. Ne l’oubliez pas.

Et si tout est trop dur, remettez-vous-en à Dieu.


English Translation:
“Live today’s day.
It belongs to you. It’s yours to live.
Tomorrow belongs to God.
It isn’t yours.
Don’t carry over tomorrow the cares of today.
Tomorrow belongs to God, hand it over to Him.
The present moment is but a frail gangway.
And if you overload it with yesterday’s regrets
and worries about tomorrow, it will give way and you will tumble.
What of the past? God forgives.
What of the future? God gives it to you.
Live today’s day in communion with Him. 

I only know you through what I have read or heard about you, but I have complete trust in the human being that you are.
You have the strength and the courage to overcome the trials that lie ahead.
Ignore the mean comments that you will hear and the aggression people will show you. You have done nothing to deserve this treatment.
You have a wealth of genuine friends who support you, think about you, and pray for you. 
Don’t forget it!
And if things get too hard just put yourself in God’s hands.