A New Friend

Dear Oscar,  

I was delighted when I heard the lovely news this week, about how you have a new puppy. Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them most, they help to fill an emptiness we feel in our lives, and in our hearts.
I hope your new little friend helps to ease the pain, and to help take your mind off things when you’re having a tough day.

Love Kerri xx

Drawing: Fight Song

Dear Oscar,

I have a new drawing for you based on “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten. It represents your current feelings about how you will fight for your justice and take back your life, and beat the enemy and their cruel schemes. It would be great to see you put this fighting mentality into practice, and be able to overturn this ludicrous conviction.

I am outraged at the atrocious attitudes of the State and Supreme Court, so I will pray for the higher courts to see the injustices in your case. Then I hope you will be set free to rebuild your life. You are a strong man, and you can do anything you set your mind to if you believe in yourself. Be a fighter, and show the enemy you won’t be defeated.

Love and hugs,
Sara. xx

~ click image to enlarge ~

Hold Tight

Oscar, it may not be today or tomorrow but that day of freedom will come. My husband Andrew, my little boy and my dear parents all love you and are constantly appalled at the unjust treatment you’re getting. From the beginning we have never doubted you, and can understand how something like this could happen. Your loving kind and gentle manner flows from any photo of you… we can clearly see you’re not anything the media are making you out to be.

Hold tight through this most fierce roller coaster ride. That ride will not, and cannot, last forever…. you will walk off it one day and you will be able to walk into your own peaceful, good and loving life. Till then… hold on tight and never forget many of us in the world love and admire you!

Love, Tessa


Sal Geregtigheid Seevier

Jy sal en gaan deur hierdie moeilike tyd kom, jy moet deur hel gaan, maar met die gebede en vertroue van ons almal sal geregtigheid seevier!!!!!

Sandra Van Wyk Lübbe

English Translation:
You will and are getting through this difficult time. You must be going through hell but our prayers and trust will allow for justice to prevail!

Believe In Yourself


Never stop believing in yourself Oscar, you are and always will be an amazing human being. Like a Phoenix, one day you will rise from the ashes and show everyone what many of us have always seen, a beautiful, caring, compassionate soul. Hang in there you are so worth it! 

Sending you huge hugs. #KeepTheFaith 

With much love,
Tracy G xx


Dear Oscar,

I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart, that I think about you every day and I wish for you nothing but the best of everything! You are a dear, sweet, kind and gentle, gentleman. You deserve every bit of goodness and none of the harsh treatment you have received. I know that if I were to meet you in person that you would welcome me with a great big smile and a genuine hug. That’s who you are… that’s the true Oscar!

I send you Big Hugs, Kisses, and Love from your Supporter and Friend in California.

All My Love,
Karen Anderson


Hold Tight

Oscar – you’re never alone. Just hold tight and never give up no matter what happens in the days or weeks or months or years ahead. 

You’re being protected even if you think you aren’t! 

We are also with you every step of the way. 

Tessa Xxx