Remembering Oscar

I know at the dawn of each day Oscar, family’ Senior Counsel and all supporters are pondering the outcome of the Constitutional Appeal. I’m helpless. How I wish I could carry the burden off Oscar’s shoulders and psyche.

Oscar, please stay strong, though I know it’s far-fetched. I guess you never enjoyed anything since the overturning of the court’s decision. I wonder what will distract you a while to have that smile printed on your face for soothing all of your fans’ hearts and souls.

Though it seems difficult to meet you in person, know that you are always in our thoughts, prayers and hearts. We’ll continue praying for a miracle in your favors.

Keep Well !!!

Joy Hope Mabatho
(Mamelodi, Pretoria, SA)

2 thoughts on “Remembering Oscar

  1. Beautiful words Joy. My greatest wish is to meet Ozzy in person and to give him one huge hug. I pray that his appeal is granted and all this madness stops. Enough is Enough! I will never stop believing in him and I thank you for all your love and support. Truth will out!! And if you ever get to meet him, please give him my love x


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