3 thoughts on “Candles

  1. Never doubt the amazing amount of love that’s out here for you Oscar. We believe in you and we will be here for you for however long it takes. We’re going nowhere! Take care Lovely boy X


  2. Oscar it’s the 5 of February I just turned 61,4 days ago.Grown and gained life experiences it the Lord wanted ou to gain experiences of life the hard way.Stay in hope ,we do,but our Heavenly Father loves you ,he made you a star that shone across the borders of Africa. Young as you are.Oscar you cannot imagine the love we have for each other as your supporters.Others they support as families ,yes others do not have that opportunity of sharing you with the families but despite that they still lift your name up high.We cannot Chang what the court has done by bringing media which worsen the things that were untrue but said about you. Now as the anniversary nears I pray you take the way that is not painful to you but hope that one day you will meet her the love of your life again ,all we will do.Oscar we love you dear.


  3. Comfort -Oz;we supporters and friends surround u with huge hugs of comfort at this trying time.Close your eyes and feel our love and tremendous affections for you now and always xxxx


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