The Sun Will Rise Again

My dear boy – my friend,

You know I’m still here, supporting and caring for you. My thoughts are with you and I’m wondering how you are doing during all this time of waiting … how do you cope from day to day?
Oscar, when I look at pictures from your childhood – I see a happy, smiling little boy, full of energy and confidence. Those days are long gone, but how I long to see you that satisfied and happy again. I’m sure this little boy is still there somewhere, just waiting to come back. You will never forget what’s happened, but you will learn how to live with your scars. I am sure you never will reduce this tragedy, but perhaps it will fade a little bit and you won’t let it totally break you anymore. The anxiety will not paralyze and take over your life completely – you will take control again. You have been trough the worst thing that ever could happen to a man and you have managed to stay alive … and not being insane. You are one of a kind, my boy!

Now we are all waiting for the CC to entertain your appeal. I’m a little bit worried about this, because I don’t trust the legal system in your country (you know about that). All this waiting must be killing you. I long for that day when you could put your allegations behind you and finally move on. This whole circus is not about justice (it has never been) it’s about prestige. You are a victim too, in this sad, sad story and you have been sacrificed. I pray that truth will prevail and justice will be done. I would like to hold you – hug you, like a mother holds her child and whisper to you softly – “everything will be alright”. Don’t loose faith, my boy, because miracles is still happening!

God bless you my son!

With much love

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