Carpe Diem

Dear Oscar

We often hear the phrase “carpe diem” or “seize the day” and I think it makes a lot of sense. This last week I have seen evidence of this and wanted to share. We have just taken on an overnight cleaner for our pub kitchen, to work from 11pm to 5am cleaning all the grills and cookers, fat fryers, plus surfaces and floors, and then starting the food preparation in the morning. A thankless job, you would think, but no, not to this man. I have never seen anybody so enthusiastic. He’s a small, slightly battered looking man, and my take on him is that he’s had a bit of a rough time, whether he’s lived on the streets for a while, or suffered some kind of addiction, or even perhaps spent some time in prison. But whatever his back story really is, he is seizing a new chance at life and this job is very important to him and represents his way back to normal life, whatever that is.

Although I don’t know you personally Oscar, I know that you are another person who takes any chance that he is given. I hear that you are studying now and that you have renewed your driving licence too. That is great news. Go for it Oscar, live for the moment and seize the day!

With love
Sally (UK)

3 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. Oscar we love you. I hope one day when I am inJohannesbitg I may be able see you. Wish I can be able to shake and hold you hand. Keep your faith and live on hope we all do. Do not cry much now , you have cried a lot that is enough , we knew it was genuine tears from your heart. May be the healing is nigh.Love you and your family. If you use gym you should also ask the GP to prescribe you protein otherwise your muscles will be sore and people who has not used gym do not know how painful the muscles can be.


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