I’m Still With You

Still With You

Dear friends,

In the week prior to Oscar’s next court date, we’d like to run a theme, “I’m Still With You”.

What we’d like from you is a brief message (4-5 sentences), or a quote, or a picture you’ve made with those words on it – whatever best expresses your continued support of him.

We’d like as many people to get involved as possible, as this may be the last opportunity Oscar has for a while to see just how much support is out there for him, so even if you’ve never sent us anything before, please consider taking part in this one.

We’d be most grateful if you would send your messages to us as soon as possible (it really helps us if we get them early!). You can email them to contact@supportforoscar.com or send them in a private message to our Facebook page. Please head your message with ‘I’m Still With You’.

Thank you!

Admin Team


2 thoughts on “I’m Still With You

  1. Hi Oscar,

    I will always always support you. I will always think of you. Your journey is our journey.

    In spite of what you have been through and in spite of what lies ahead, I believe in your life… And it will STILL have a Happy Ending.

    You are loved.



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