Something Unspeakably Ugly

Something unspeakably ugly has been allowed to happen. Who is behind this ghastly charade of bullying and opportunity? How ultimately pathetic and destructive to the collective soul that politics and injustice has been given this opportunity to put upon this extraordinary man’s shoulders its fledgling and vicious craving for personal recognition. This is not about justice. Not so long ago a UK man who premeditates the merciless murder of his young wife walks free.
The media has whipped up an opinion based not on truth but on sensation and global sales.

Shame On You.
Shame On You.
Shame on You.

The original judgement based on the fine work of the lady judge is cast aside.
What ugly force has been allowed to step in ?
From the biblical story of David & Goliath we must find Hope.
From the suffering of Jesus Christ at the hands of the ignorant pack we must look for guidance.
There is a Power within each of us & what is happening to Oscar
Is pushing those of us who care about our brothers to look ever deeper into our Hearts and Souls for that glimmer of Truth and Hope.

I am a mother of three children and a grandchild. I have lived a challenging and unusual life….. never have I felt so strongly that an ugly force has been allowed to take the place of love and justice.
It terrifies me. God only knows how Oscar and his family are feeling.

Please God show Us your Way. Your Mercy. Your Love. We are utterly lost without You.

With all my love to you Oscar

4 thoughts on “Something Unspeakably Ugly

  1. Couldn’t agree more. This world is ruled by the unseen powers and forces of darkness. The Lord has unveiled the truth to those of us who seek it. We have prayed and I know that the Lord has the Pistorius family in His hands. The question is how in the face of such strong demonic opposition do we help Oscar? At this point we need to sign petitions, write to parliamentarians, do what we can and continue to pray and wait expectantly for God’s miraculous hand.


  2. Our hope is now on the petition sent to the UN.
    If this international court overturns the SA verdict, Oscar will only be found guilty of culpible homicide, not murder. That was also the verdict of Judge Masipa in the original High Court hearing.
    He will then probably just carry on with the original sentence of house arrest.


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