Unreachable Star

“To dream the Impossible Dream
To try when your arms are too weary
To be willing to give when there’s nothing left to give
To reach the Unreachable star”

Dear Oscar

We all have dreams some of them seem unreachable but with dedication hard work and sacrifice they can become within our limits.

You proved that even with a physical disability you were able to follow your dreams to reach the top of the mountain.
Oscar your smile lit up London 2012 and after your participation in the able bodied event ticket sales went through the roof for the Paralympics.

Now Rio 2016 is upon us and due to the tragic events shortly after London you won’t be there to join the #RoadToRio.

I have heard ticket sales are not going to well and there are supporters who won’t be watching this year’s Olympics and who could blame them for the way that you have been treated by the Paralympic movement in the aftermath of that tragic day when your life and so many others were changed forever. The same movement which you single handedly helped to promote. You alone were instrumental in making the Paralympics cool and it was you who proved to the world that no matter what your disability it needn’t be a barrier to success. If it wasn’t for your influence there would be many athletes out there who would never have had the chance to make the step up to elite athlete.

You have helped to ‘Inspire a generation’ Oscar.

I will be cheering on the athletes in #Rio16 as I have been doing since I was mesmerised as a child in infant school by the 1968 Olympics from Mexico City.

I will be doing it for you Oscar as I believe in legacy and will always see you as paving the way for the Para athletes to be treated the same as their able bodied counterparts.

Going back to the 1968 games I was awoken one morning by my grandad who said he wanted me to see history being made. It was the 400m hurdles final for men and a fresh faced athlete from Team GB won the gold with a world record against the odds. His name was David Hemery.

I never forgot him and prior to London Olympics I met him at our University. Now in his 60’s I told him he had been the reason I had been inspired by the Olympics. He was delighted that he had made a difference and he was part of my history.

Oscar you also made a difference and one day unexpectedly you will meet someone who also watched history being made and inspired them to have a life long love of Sport. It will be you Oscar who they are indebted too.

“This is my quest to follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far
To reach the Unreachable Star”

Still supporting you no matter what Oscar and pray that there are still goals out there for you to reach and dreams to fulfil.

You still have so much to give.
Be strong and never give up.

Take Care

2 thoughts on “Unreachable Star

  1. What a wonderful, inspiring message! Oscar, you must take heart and prepare yourself for the day you are on track again. You are a survivor and a winner! Your supporters are behind you! We want to see you winning again.


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