I’m Still With You: N’dala

Dear Oscar,

I have no idea what you are going through … In fact, I can’t even picture it. My question is always the same… how are you holding on?

I don’t know where you find strength… and yes I too am a Christian… your constant challenges and the strength you find each day to carry on, are testament that your Faith goes way higher than mine …

I wish I could sit next to you, speak to you and tell you that you are not alone in this. I have no words to elevate your family enough… but I want you to know that although you might feel that there are many against you, you have people literally ALL over the world praying for you, checking up on ways to help Daily… people that have never even met each other, come together, talk, help each other, make friends, pray together all thanks to the same person …


Know that you are not alone please,

Just know that …

May God shine His light on you and your family …

Much love
N’dala ( The Netherlands )

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