I’m Still With You: A.M.P.

Dear Oscar,

A long time ago you won people’s hearts because of who you are, long before your own life and the lives of so many others were changed for ever that night three years ago. You had a GOLD MEDAL PLACE in people’s hearts then, and for many of us that has not changed, because we believe that what happened that night was a genuine mistake, you are still the same person and therefore you still have this special place, and will always have it – nothing can change this, not time, or distance, no prison walls, no trial by media and no court verdict, because our thoughts are free, nobody can order or forbid us to think in one way or the other.


Therefore always remember, I and many others ‘are still with you’, in our hearts you still have this GOLD MEDAL PLACE you earned so long ago.

God bless you, Oscar.

Stockholm, April 2016

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