I’m Still With You: Serena

Dearest Oscar,

I was recently asked why I support you and why I keep standing by you. It’s hard to say, even more for someone like me who hasn’t been blessed with the gift of concision.
A while ago I read a book telling the story of a young boy grewing up in one of the former Soviet Union states in a landscape of crime and violence; one of the passages of the book that struck me more violently was a lapidary phrase at the end of it: “Human justice is horrible and wrong and therefore only God can judge”. Maybe this is true; every time we try to administer justice according to earthly criteria, we’re swayed by envy, resentment, hatred, thirst of revenge, vanity, in one word by our meanness. But what really makes us humans (and not just roughly civilised apes) is not only the awareness of our limits and imperfections, but most of all our relentless struggle to overcome them, our unceasing pursuit of a justice worth of this name. Such a justice, whatever it means, can be achieved solely through empathy and compassion.
This is why I am with you: because I believe that “Injustice anywehere is a threat to justice everywhere” (M. Luther King) and that “the great gift of human beings is the power of empathy”.
Keep strong!

My deepest love,

Serena from Italy

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