A Raindrop In The Sun

My dear boy – my friend,

I saw a picture of you some weeks ago, you were visiting a market, of some kind. You were standing by yourself, at the moment the photo was taken and it was breaking my heart to see you that lonely. If I could reach out my arms through the picture and give you a big hug!

It fills me with so much despair, every time I think about, how cruel life has been treated you and I think it’s a miracle that you are still standing. I feel so helpless, because I can’t say or do anything that will make you feel better, or your life easier. I’m just keep on repeating myself and telling you that you are still loved (because YOU ARE) and stuff like that.

Words, words … you must be so tired of all my words by now. But this is the only way I can support you, so I’ll guess I just keep on sending you more words ……

You are in my thoughts and prayers – now and always. God bless you my son!

With much love

3 thoughts on “A Raindrop In The Sun

  1. I feel totally the same Ulla. But don’t underestimate the powers of words. Evil ones and good ones such as yours. Thank you for those words. Much love.


  2. Beautiful words Ulla. I thank God that there are beautiful souls like you in this World. Sometimes I truly despair at all the evil, hateful people out there. We know the truth… And that’s all that matters! X


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