Oscar, my wife is an avid supporter of yours… and through her I have come to understand your case and I too believe you. Together we support you, and we will continue to no matter what you face.

A few months ago I read a book called ‘Unbroken’. It’s about Louis Zamperini, the prodigious athlete who ran in the Berlin Olympics. Louis was driven to the limits of endurance when he was caught by the Japanese in WW2 and had to endure living in prisoner of war camps. His triumph over tragedy depended on the strength of his will. He went on to live well into his old age and finally carried the torch in the Olympics in his 80’s. This remarkable story reminds both my wife and I of you. We see your dignified manner through all that you’re enduring, and your strong will to survive.

We will be sending you this remarkable story.

Keep going Oscar. You’re an inspiration to so many.




3 thoughts on “Unbroken

  1. Wow what an inspiring story I shall be looking him up & reading about his triumph over adversity.
    Oscar too will rise up to reach the top of the mountain once more he has been climbing mountains all of his life and he will keep on striving for as long as it takes.


  2. What an amazing story Andrew ! Now THIS IS TRULY something I will hold on to, and this will be your outcome as well Oscar……… have the world at your feet again and lighting the torch. Much love to you and your family
    Elize xxxx


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