Worldwide Supporters Of Oscar Pistorius: Time to get Creative!

Dear friends,

Time to get creative!

As we all know, Oscar is due in court from 13-17 June for sentencing. During that week, we’d like to post as many messages as we can for him.

What we’d like from you is this:

a photo of a handwritten sign saying ‘Worldwide Supporter of Oscar Pistorius’, followed by your name and country.
It can be a photo of you holding the sign or just the sign itself, and you can be as creative as you want to be with it – beautiful calligraphy, colours, a drawing, whatever you wish, as long as it has the above wording (and please bear in mind, you MUST include your country, or we and Oscar won’t know where in the world you’re from!).

We’d really appreciate it if you would get your photo in to us as soon as possible – we like to prepare in advance as much as we can.

As ever you can email the photo to

or you can inbox our facebook page with it:
Support For Oscar

Thank you! ❤

Mira & Laura

2 thoughts on “Worldwide Supporters Of Oscar Pistorius: Time to get Creative!

  1. Ek weet dat jy NIE skuldig is aan moord!!!! Ek bid dat die waarheid sal seevier…..en dit sal jou vrymaak!!! Dat die mense wat jou veroordeel en sensasie soek…..hulle kop in skaamte sal laat sak wanneer die waarheid bewys word!!! Onthou jys nooit alleen!!!! Lydia


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