Keep Praying

Dear Oscar,

from the U.S. I sent my heartfelt support. I have prayed for you as many others I sent you a book called ”with God in Russia“ when you were in prison. I don’t know if you ever got it and I also sent you a wonderful sermon on suffering and the good the Lord brought from Joseph’s suffering in the Bible. I hope you saw it and recieved inspiration. I pray for your family, your sister and brother, as they have been through so much, too. I hope you will be given more justice than what I have seen. Please God help this situation to turn around and have sense and meaning that you will draw strength from God and all the love of family and friends. I totally admire the courage you have shown and the way you have handled yourself through this terrible ordeal made so much worse than it ever should have been by the press and detractors . An accident is an accident . This case has been manufactured by the media . but God is good and I believe He will help in a way unforseen at this time to come to your aid . You deserve the best and God’knows what you have all been through ! I’ll keep praying and my prayer group, too. Keep praying and God never disappoints . He is our Refuge and ever present help in trouble.


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