The Waves Of Life

Dear Oscar,

I know you. I know the struggles that you have been through. I know the hardships that you have had to walk through. I know the work of the enemy against you. I know what’s happened. I know that you have been a sign spoken against. I know that there are people that have risen up in conflict with you. I say to you right now, I know your heart and that your heart is for Me. Understand that I will not forsake you. Never will I leave you. For, I am leading you to a fresh pasture. I’m leading you to new ground. I’m leading you into the place of My Glory, even in these days. And, it begins this very moment and this time that as you realize that I am one with you that you will know that everything is going to be okay. Just walk. Walk with Me. Believe in Me. Trust in Me to bring you into the freshness of a new day this very season, says the Lord.

The waves of life! Often, when in the middle of a trial, I am tempted to think that if I can conquer the “waves” and ride them like a professional surfer, I’ll be okay.
My hope is that I’m held fast in my Father’s unfailing arms, not in my ability to save myself.

I’m safe not because my circumstances tell me so, I’m safe because my Father’s character doesn’t lie.

Hope is found, not in conquering my fears, it’s found in trusting my Father.

Trials in my life cause me to look to my Savior for strength.
And as He once again proves Himself faithful to me, the result is a deeper trust in God and a joy that goes beyond my circumstances.

Father, help Oscar to trust in you. No trial in life surprises you. And no trial is outside of your control. Thank you that you are sovereign and good and that we can trust in you, no matter what waves come.

God bless you Oscar, as always stay connected to God.

Isabel Giliomee

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