They Are Wrong


How is it possible when a natural mistake was made, that you can be tried murder. It might help you to know that the mistake you made can happen. As it did for us 3 ago where we experienced the same sort of situation but luckily no one got hurt. So these claim that a mistake like that “can’t happen, well, they are wrong it can”.

I’m praying for you to be strong.


3 thoughts on “They Are Wrong

  1. A little man with a pathological ego is a dangerous thing. The Prosecutor. As Oscar’s supporters wel stand together to overcome this ugliness of the human spirit. I believe in Oscar with my heart and soul. So much suffering for a young man beggars belief.


    • Well said about the little man prosecutor. He is the one to be pitied in all his physical and mental ugliness. May God have mercy on HIS soul . Oscar is twice the man facing his injustice and fate with such courage as he has dealt with in adversity all his life .


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