“Support For Oscar” is 3 today


Dear Oscar,
dear supporters and friends,

today marks this blog’s 3rd birthday.
Even with the fateful days ahead we want to take the time to celebrate this anniversary.

Having started with little expectations through you, Oscar’s supporters, this place has become a wonderful reminder and flagship of the visible support for Oscar.
We were able to publish a total of 4170 messages, prayers, poems, drawings and so much more. We’ve had far more than half a million views from almost every country in the world.

Today we want to thank everyone who has contributed and shown their support for a man who has been treated in a way we consider unfair and inhuman.
And we also want to thank you for the many, many kind words that have reached us. You kept us going!

We hope that this page and its positivity have – in one way or another – reached you, Oscar, and that it helped you through the hard times – if only a little!

Thanks everyone! You’ve made this possible. We showed the world that together we’re strong. We are many. Let’s keep this up!

Mira & the SfO team

2 thoughts on ““Support For Oscar” is 3 today

  1. Thank you. Mira and all the sfo team for all your had work over the last 3 years. This wonderful blog has kept me sane during the very difficult times that we’ve all experienced. I hope Oscar has gained strength in the knowledge that we!re all behind him 100% …and that will continue, guaranteed ! . I send hm and his family all my love and a promise that they will always feature heavily in my prayers.
    Bless you and the team and your beautiful hearts for everything you’ve done for him and ALL of us x


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