Please Forgive Yourself


I’m only writing to you today Oscar on the last day of trial and I’m hoping and praying that this is your last day defending yourself to a world of such cruelty.  I can still not believe how this world that have once called u a ‘hero’ turned there backs on u in a split second even before a single slice of evidence.
I’m sorry…. sorry that u had to be SA point to the world OF a fair justice system, that SA your home land the land that u have stood tall turned and stoned u. 
That no one have once told u, Oscar sorry for your loss, sorry that u have killed Reeva, yes I’m not blinded for what u have done and nor is u as u are the one left behind, and the only one, the one that will never forgive yourself and this alone will be with u for ever,  but yet no one saying sorry to u …..
Today was the worst…. seeing u, once tall and proud being broken down some more ….
I’m sorry Oscar! 
Our prayers are with u!  I have no idea if u will ever get to read all your letters.  But hoping that u will forgive yourself one day for that horrible accident, that second  that one night your love was gone. As again I believe that u would have never done anything to hurt her.  Only u and Reeva knows oxoxox   Please forgive yourself and let the world be! As humans are the most horrible creatures walking this earth!

Lotsa Love
Lana Visser


2 thoughts on “Please Forgive Yourself

  1. Lana I need to say this because like you and many others I find the cruelty used against Oscar repulsive and horrifying. I don’t mention Reeva because she is in a loving place. Life is an inversion. We look outwards to find God, but he is within. Likewise Gerrie Nel can murder the human soul, slowly and deliberately, and be a hero for the media and the general population. I saw an interesting title to a story about Oscar , it was headed, The Creation of a Murderer. Oscar is not a murderer, I stand by the original charge of manslaughter. The Prosecution have used these tragic circumstances and Oscar’s achievements to build a case against him. In my life I have not witnessed such cruelty against a human being. There have been cases like this in the past in SA but never has such cruelty been condoned .
    Shame on you South Africa.


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