Cried Every Tear

Oscar, I cried every tear with you yesterday. I prayed that Jesus wrapped you in His arms while the world humiliated you. I am a chronic depression sufferer and I know that part of what you are going through. Jesus loves you and He is with you. If God is with you then no man will be against you. He promises in his Word to never forsake us and never give us more than we can handle. Please hold on to Him with everything that is in you. He will deliver you. Please hold on for the people that care for you and loves you and for us out here that still want you to be in our lives. I believe that you will run again for us and you will be happy again and I still have hope that you will rise again. Love again and be Oscar again. Not the old one, but the new Oscar that will rise as a new reborn person through the rebirth in Christ. This experience is bringing you closer to God.

Oscar, I also want to say one more thing. I believe even Reeva cried tears in Heaven today and I believe that not even she would have wanted this to happen to you.

All my love.


One thought on “Cried Every Tear

  1. I have been following this case ever since, true there are very bad moments I still remember during your trial but, but what I saw in today’s paper made me cry uncontrollable.The human right people should do something about this. Stand strong Oscar my bru God and the few of us have not forgotten
    about you. I and my family are praying for you. We love you Stand strong and trust in the Lord with all your heart. I believe let who has not sin be the first one to cast a stone those were Jesus’s word to the woman ppl believef she had more than anyone. We love you , we love you, We love you OSCAR


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