Abundantly Clear


I am a doctor from Australia. I do not usually put messages on websites.

I often work with victims of violence towards women, very prevalent  in Australia and would never support wilful assault.

Whatever the vicissitudes of the relationship of Oscar and Reeva, it is abundantly clear that what happened was a tragic accident.

I deplore the wilful , flagrant and ugly acts of “celebrity scalp” and utter vengeance which will ultimately consume those perpetrators. Certain witnesses are clearly hell-bent and will never be satisfied.

God will require their life if they are exacting life for life. You do reap what you sow.

The statement “I cannot forgive” is precisely the problem. No amount of vitriol will ever give you peace.

It is no accident that most of the support on this website witnesses of a compassionate God. This is of course, where real power lies,W.

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