Believe in Tomorrow

Oscar, you are more supported than you realise now! You may feel as if your world has shrunk to a tiny black hole from which you have no escape, but believe me that we on this support group, have all been there for one reason or another. And understand as others do, not all, that depression and loosing one’s temper are 2 sides of the same coin, can’t be separated. You will return to normality after your trial and acceptance, no matter what. Compassion is only learnt through your own pain and experience. Just believe in tomorrow, come what may, the light will return to your life. You are not a broken man, but one of dignity, of strength and of courage. You would not have risen above the obstacles in your life if you did not possess these qualities. Now you just need to trust in a Higher Power in your life. Truly trust Him. You are not there yet, but work at it, like you did for the other challenges in your life.


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