You Will Never Walk Alone

Dearest Oscar

The treatment that has been meted out to you by a vengeful society, fueled by lies and completely devoid of compassion has shocked me to my core.

I see the pain in your face, I see the remorse in every tear you shed. Again you face a period of not knowing what the future holds as you wait to hear your fate.

I want you to know that whatever happens, you are not alone. We, who vowed to support you through this terrible time are here. We feel your pain and cry your tears. We will never stop loving you and praying for you.

For as long as you need us, you will never walk alone.

Much love


One thought on “You Will Never Walk Alone

  1. So well put Susan. I can only feel a fraction of Oscar’s pain and anxiety and it saddens me so much. Oscar needs to be comforted and supported not treated in this despicable manner. This is so wrong. On so many levels.


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