Nothing But Evil

Dear Oscar

due to illness I have not been able to write for sometime. I am
completely shocked and sickened at what has transpired in the court.To me,this is nothing but evil and my tears have fallen for you.Through a tragic mistake you find yourself having to face the very worst of humanity with Nel at the helm. Please believe me Oscar, you are not and never will be amongst these dregs of society. You are a good and brave man and how you manage to walk into court each day has all my respect.

Dearest Oscar, please please do not give up, you are young and I am sure one day you will make a good life for yourself and I hope to see your beautiful smile again.

May god bless you, I send my love and support to you always.

Janet Ottolangui. UK.

One thought on “Nothing But Evil

  1. Janet you are right…. we are all experiencing the lowest level of humanity with G.N at the helm and the media frantic with lust to corrupt the latest on this tragic story.


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