Trust God Oscar

Hi Oscar,

I have not written you in a long time .. I don’t know why … I suppose the reason has to do with the fact that you are not able to respond… I suppose I also do not know for sure if you get to read my letters … But today I decided to write you again anyway, just incase you get to read it.
I have watched some of the pre-sentencing presentations and testimonies by some witnesses. I wish I had been able to watch all of it ..but my work did not allow me.

Now that the pre-sentencing is over and we will be waiting on Masipa, I don’t know what to expect … This is the truth. Many of us have tried to speculate before but we have been utterly disappointed in the past, just as you have been. For that reason I don’t even want to try to attempt any kind of speculation. I am blank… Totally blank. What I have done is I have put everything to God. I hope that you would do the same. I know that it is hard but it is possible to do. What you do is that you take your trust .. and completely and utterly place it on God. It is possible, even though you might think that it is not possible.

If you pray about it.. you will achieve it … When you do that you free yourself of any worry of any kind whatsoever …
And God will take care of you. He always does.

I hope you understand what I am trying to tell you.

God Bless Oscar
Lots of love ❤


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