Never Let Go

Never let go ever of the hand of God Oscar. There are many people who love and care about you believe it. It is tragic, it is depressing but the years do go by quickly as much as it is really difficult, you will qualify for parol, so before that do everything in your power to never let them ever have anything against you as much as it is not easy to always not express what one feels.

We pray for you, you were our hero then and you remain so, for many, never stop believing. Do not worry or concern yourself with the talk of those who are toxic, who are they in your life, what are they, they standing in judgement of all but they are sinners just like us all. Who truly cares what they say, this is between you and God. Just keep holding the hand of Jesus. You are depressed your feelings are real. Truly you will not be old when you are released and from there go forward, its never to late to start again ever. If those parents come to see you, apologise and say you had wanted to for a long time but you stick by your story no matter what they say, say nothing more, say sorry once and never again to them, the fact that they are requesting this shows they clearly have not forgiven you like they say and the only person who needs to forgive is God. Not everyone is standing in judgement of you, do not believe that.

The one thing that was left out and I cannot understand why is that the toilet had been flushed as it was evident from the marks, coming down the side, when a toilet fills up it starts to often have water pouring down on the sides and that is what is evident, yet this was never mentioned. You stand firm in the presence of God, he judges people and God is a forgiving God, you talk to Him, he knows your heart. Make sure you have plenty of reading material, you great at design ask if you can do that, do not isolate yourself, if they bring people to come and view you, do not even look at them just carry on with what you were doing like they are not even there, show no reaction what are words but words, God is watching them all the time.

Your family love you and many people in the public love you. Every single person who has lost a person through tragic circumstances grieves, its not only particular to these people as much as we feel for them, do not consume yourself with guilt based on this, every single person has dreams its not particular only to them. In time you will heal, just keep talking to God, you may not physically hear an answer but keep saying Jesus I trust in you, please help me do not give up, you have lost much, do not allow people to take away even more ever BIG HUG.

In time once released you will find love again, not every single person is the same truly, you are strong, even though you now feel weak, God is there for you remember that and many people in this world never forget it ever, its never too late, just keep trusting always.

Shirley Kuhn

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