This World Needs You

Dear Oscar

This is my first message though I have supported you in spirit all the way. I have watched your whole trial and feel very strongly that you have been treated unfairly and are innocent. I have also watched in dismay and sadness the biased sometimes, totally misrepresented reporting in the media. What has shocked me most has been the response from some of the public who have clearly been influenced by the media and who have demonstrated man’s worst traits anger, revenge, lack of understanding, lack of empathy and most of all, lack of compassion. You, on the other hand, have demonstrated tremendous patience and courage in the face of this awful negativity which,unfortunately, is a reflection of much of the world today. Continue to be the example of all that is positive. The world needs you.

With much love
Joy UK

3 thoughts on “This World Needs You

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  2. I agree with you Joy, I really hope that Oscar and his family can move on from this, even if it’s baby steps forward it’s still moving forward… no one should be passing judgement on Oscar as it is no body’s place to do so, none of us have the right to judge anybody. If Oscar was just a public Joe like us this would not have had so much media interest.

    People only rip extraordinary people to pieces , not ordinary people. To Oscar and your family (even reevas family ) I wish you grace, peace and a forgiving heart xx


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