My Heart Goes Out To You

I saw the programme on ITV last night and read the negative comments on Twitter..

let me say not everyone feels the same and my heart goes out to you your family and everyone involved ..I want to send you a book title …Life is calling by Stephanie j King …..

kindest regards and much love Barbara from UK

3 thoughts on “My Heart Goes Out To You

  1. And what if it was all true, Oscar Pistorius is saying?
    Yesterday I at least was able to watch the whole Interview on Carteblanche with someone Community of so called experts. The psychologist told that he was missing Oscars remorse. And I asked myself how he could judge this. What kind of remorse was he missing? He had his expectations one should do when being remorsefull and Oscar misses this opinion. I saw a man who was haunted By his faith of having killed someone whom he was in Love with. I saw a man who feeled the pain of having lost something very precious and who knows he had destroyed this not only for himself but for the whole world – for her family, for her frineds. He knows he destroyed a life which should have been lucky and long and healthy.
    And today I read in a German paper Oscar was bold to give his sight of the tragic events and he was just doing so because he doesn’t want to go to jail again. Yes, perhaps it is keen and somewhat a desperate fight against public opinion Talking always all you ever possessed – your pride, your honor, your dignity. Some people seem to know exactly what they would like to hear and accept for the truth. Perhaps it would be much easier for Oscar just to tell them what they want to hear – perhaps then they would have mercy on him. Keeping to his (true) story is heavier and braver. But it is the only thing he can at least do to save his dignity.
    And yes – perhaps he is afraid to go back to jail – who wouldn’t in his shoes knowing to be threatened by beating or even rape in the hell of southafrican jail? And even then he teils uns that he would serve his sentence on culpable homicide but not on murder.
    I believe that he is not a murderer. And I believe that his story is true. He shoudn’t go back to jail.


  2. I saw the interview in TV last night too. I don’t feel like others either. I feel for you, life must be hard for you & your family with all this going on. I don’t believe for one minute that it was anything other than a horrible accident. You are an amazing person & I will be thinking of you next week in court. Sending you huge hugs & positive thoughts. You will get thru this. Huge hugs & much love. Ali from England.


  3. I also watched the programme as I indeed watched the whole trial and am married to an amputee. I have stated many times that unless you know all the facts about all these three things, you are not in a position to even comment . An amputee is first and foremost insecure , for obvious reasons, ask any disabled person, not a full bodied human being who there but for fortune , including the horrendous Gerrie Nell , who has absolutely no idea of the insecure mind of a person in this incomplete body. Add to this the corruption and crime in S. Africa , which I have visited and witnessed and would never go again. Oscar was a celebrity , with wealth, and a prime target., together with his sad childhood no wonder he was so insecure and vulnerable. Anyone who is humane can see the real pain and suffering in Oscar, and can understand how this tragic accident happened. I pray with all my heart that Judge Massippa as in her original judgement and wisdom found the case for murder was not proven, will stick by her original thoughts and not be swayed by an ignorant society who know no better than put mindless comments on Twitter, which I wouldn’t even take the time of day to read. I contribute only to this support page and send my positivity to poor Oscar, for whom my heart bleeds. I send these words to all the ignorant people out there who simply have no idea. ‘You never stood in that mans shoes, or looked through that mans eyes, and stood and watched with empty hands, while the heart inside you dies. So help your brother along the way, no ,matter where they start. The same God who made You , made them too, these men with broken hearts.


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