Ek kon nie glo hoe eensydig Carte Blanche se paneel gisteraand was nie! (Die mensdom is darem wreed.)
Ek glo Oscar is onskuldig en bid, bid, bid vir hom.
Byt vas – God weet en Hy het altyd die laaste se!

English Translation:

I can’t believe how one-sided Carte Blanche’s panel was last night! (People are really cruel). I believe Oscar is not guilty and I pray, pray, pray for him. Stay strong – God knows and He has the last word!

One thought on “Eensydig

  1. What Oscar said is what happened and how he feels about the tragedy.I am with him right through.Oscar did not go to bed thinking of murdering Reeva.Yes with legal technicality and interpretations ,may be that is why ,CH has been changed,but truly speaking Oscar never wanted to kill Reeva.He loves her.Reeva’s parents must stop saying they have forgiven Oscar,they should just say what they really feel about Oscar.Want him to suffer not pay,there is nothing that Oscar can do to pay for Reeva,he has paid more than enough.They can just say “we want Oscar to suffer”


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