Keep On Following Your Track

Dear Mr. Pistorius,

I read the reports about the interview you gave last week. You are filled with remorse that you have taken your girlfriends life. You will always suffer from the thought you are guilty of killing her by an awful mistake you made when the fear had overtaken control of your mind.

But you should never think that your life isn’t worth living because of this mistake you made. You have the duty to go on living and helping and caring for other people.

And I can understand as well that you don’t have a problem to be sentenced for killing your girlfriend by accident and accept even a harder sentence, but you have a large problem to be sentenced for murder – I would have the same feeling about it when I was in your shoes. You didn’t kill her on purpose and therefore never eher think that you are a murderer. You aren’t – whatever they may say!

Keep strong – in the eyes of so many people you have a good character and you will always stay a model of a brave and honest young man.

Yours Ilka M. Enger

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