I Believe Even More

Dear Oscar

I just watched the interview on British ITV.

Myself- I am from the UK but moved out to a town just west of Toronto some years ago. Since I moved to Canada I have had several friends from South Africa and I have learned from them what it is like to live in a country where fear for your life is very very real and frightening. Something most of us in more gentle societies can’t grasp what that must feel like.

Like the rest of the worlds population I watched some of your trial on Tv not really knowing what to believe. It just seemed to me watching you so broken down and traumatized by what you had done that a pre meditation to murder Reeva could not have been the situation.

Today when I watched your interview I believe even more that this disaster occurred out of fear and panic.

I’ve never written a communication before to anyone in such circumstances as yours. However, after much thought and searching for words I wanted to say to you that I believe that in your heart you are a good and valuable man worthy of forgiveness love and respect.

Oscar what’s happened to Reeva and all concerned in this is sad and devastating beyond words. I believe now that it’s sad beyond words for what has happened to you as well. You said at the end of the interview that you hope your life can find meaning in the future. Oscar so do I – I really do hope that for you very much.

Kindest wishes – try to keep positive and use your innocence to re build your mental health within yourself.

All the best

Stewart. (Big hug if I could give you one).


One thought on “I Believe Even More

  1. The key sentence for me in this Interview: I would take the hardest sentence for culpable homicide but I cannot accept to stay one single day in prison for intended murder.
    He knows that he has killed someone and he – as a christian – is suffering from that fact. This sin will guide him all his life. But he didn’t so it on purpose and this is what the highest court of South Africa was also recognizing. He didn’t shoot on Reeva but he took in Account that he might kill someone behindert that door without being seriously attacked at that moment.
    In my opinion at that Moment he was overcome with fear and couldn’t think clearly and therefore I am convinced that in a german court he would get way with mitigating circumstances and could do “Ubuntu” to the society he lived in.
    When they will send him to jail for murder that will be a judgement of hatred and revenge. And perhaps it will be politically motivated, ecause they don’t want to bother the Black Women screaming it was domestic cruelty and therefore want him crucified – Racism of a different colour.


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