Reaching Out

Dear Oscar

NO words could possibly take away your pain and your heartache
but I’m trying to ease it a little bit
only praying and wishing you yourself will actually read my letters.
We met back in 2012, you were kind and gentle and it was clear what a genuine soul u have
with a huge heart .
I was there for u then and I’m still here for you no matter what.
You are so young with sooooon
many blessings G-D has given you.

Take it slow ,take it easy;
One day at a time
You have sooooo much to look forward to ;in time u will see it for yourself.

If only I could hold you and show you that you are never alone in this
you have massive support and love
that out numbers the negative and
bad haters .
Forgive yourself you are only human
love yourself again and look after yourself please.
You will find so much love and kindness soon.Be patient.
It will all come right .

One hour at a time
One min at a time
One second at a time
and pray

Love u very much
Tanya xxxxxx

One thought on “Reaching Out

  1. Tanya this letter that you wrote is so Beautiful and yes Oscar has support and is loved. I am so Happy that he had a Wonderful family that is giving him so much support. 💗


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