With Expertise

On Sunday I watched the BBC interview with Oscar Pistorius on “60 Minutes” in Australia.
It was gut -wrenching watching this poor man go through severe symptoms of Major Depression and PTSD. I am an Australian doctor with expertise in these areas.
It was clear that his consistent version of events matches the forensic evidence, and much concocted evidence has been disproven.
This has become a gladiatorial spectacle. It is ugly and unseemly and this is the face of the new South Africa presented to the rest of the world.
When Mandela and others were conferring before Apartheid was abolished, a sense of being led by the hand of God was reported.
When Mandela was president, the Modus Operandus of the legal processes addressing the atrocities of what had preceded was that of forgiveness.
What would the great man think now?
It is clear that the incident in question was at worst Manslaughter, or in your country, Culpable Homicide.
However, if one, through vengeance, plots by any means, including defamation or by sullying legal processe,s to manipulate a man to his death, this is premeditated murder. Did you think He would not judge?
As tragic as this was, none of this will bring her back. Forgiveness brings universal peace. He was going to be your son. Do you want this for your son?

One thought on “With Expertise

  1. Thankyou for sharing . To witness Oscar’s suffering brings into focus a situation that is out of control. On what level of consciousness has he not suffered. More than any man in his situation should. Please God give Judge Nosipa your Word.


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