I Can’t Imagine

Dearest Oscar,

I just want you say that you are always in my thoughts and that my prayers are with you everyday. I can’t imagine what you are going through in prison but it shouldn’t be easy at all, especially when you do not deserve to be there. I’ve always believed you, Oscar, no matter what and I’ve been thinking a lot about the injustice of what you are suffering but I also know God is watching over you constantly.
He knows your heart, He knows your hurt.
You are not alone, many are praying for you, many believe you,
so I hope all these prayers and messages can give you a bit of hope and strength you need to hold on and go through this difficult time.

I really hope you can find time to smile and moments that warm your heart. Never stop dreaming, many wonderful things will come in your life. You have an amazing family and I know they love you so much and that’s great! Stay strong, dear, you have so much beautiful and lovely things inside of you. Love will surround you always in spite of all.
I will keep you in my heart every step of the way.
Sending you much love and the biggest hug from Italy

Sara Romano xxx

Earnestly Loved

To You dearest Oscar,

This flower is dangerous .. in all its beauty …
Some people who take the right “to know everything” .. is that flower ..
If you get the flower on your hands .. or in your soul ..
severe wounds formed ….

but –
do you see the small ladybirds ..

Somewhere I read about Ladybird

“Many people think of you with love.
My gift to you is to feel loved.
“On the wings of love, I come to you
to submit a bid for love.”
You are dearly loved for who you are …. Always!!

Although the “flower” has thrown harsh words and
sharp arrows for so long …
are you so earnestly loved … Always !!


Ann Åkerberg-Görling

Stand Your Ground

Dear Oscar, 

I do not know if you ever got my messages, but I regularly send you messages of support, and from this platform, I want to send you one again. Trust in the Lord faith and hope that bear fruit, your character and pride, the man you are, all these things will always be testament to the truth! Please, stand your ground, lift up your head, have faith, trust in the wonderful love of God. We stand with you.

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Jou Onskuld

Liewe Oscar

Ek glo van die begin af in jou onskuld. Ek het ‘n serebraal gestremde broer gehad, ek was by ‘n skool vir verstandelik- sowel as fisiese gestremde mense. Ek kan ook op die oomblik self nie sonder ‘n raam loop as gevolg van rugprobleme. Mense wil en kan nie verstaan hoe weerloos jy voel as jy nie ten volle van al jou lede mate kan gebruik maak nie. Ek het vandag die onderhoud wat Hanlie Retief met jou pa gevoer het gelees. Ek koop nie koerante of tydskrifte nie, want die hele lot van hulle is uit op sensasie. Ek was so bly toe Steve Hofmeyr ‘n koppie tee op die redaktrise van Huisgenoot uitgegooi het, nadat sy lewe van hom, sy kinders, sy ma aan al die negatiewe blootgestel het. Dit is net jammer dit was nie warm tee nie.

Oscar jou pa het ‘n punt beet omtrent Barry Roux. Ek verstaan dit is moeilik om hom te vergewe, maar ek glo hy het berou en laat hom toe om vir jou te baklei. Ons staan almal agter jou. Ek sal vir jou bid elke aand. Wees sterk en al ons gebede sal krag dra sodat die waarheid seeviër. 

 Liefde groete,
Esther Bunton

English Translation:
I have believed in your innocence from the beginning. I had a cerebral palsied brother. I was at a school for physically and mentally handicapped people. I cannot walk at the moment without a frame, as a result of back problems. People can’t and won’t understand how vulnerable you feel if you can’t make full use of all your limbs. Today I read the interview that Hanlie Retief had with your father. I don’t buy newspapers or magazines because the whole lot of them are just sensationalist. I was so pleased when Steve Hofmeyr threw a cup of tea over the editor of HUISGENOOT, after his life, his children, his mother were exposed in a negative manner. It’s just a pity it wasn’t hot tea!
Oscar your father has a point about Barry Roux. I understand it’s hard
to forgive him but I feel he has repented and you need to let him fight for you. We are all behind you. I will pray for you every night. Stay strong and all our prayers will be powerful enough so that the truth will prevail.

I Pray For You Daily

Hallo Oscar

I know God has a great plan and future for you and there’s a huge calling on you’re life. I was the lady pastor who delivered the A4 grey file with encourageing spiritual teachings to you. I pray for you daily that your life is strongly enriched by God’s Word and spiritual truth about His Covenant Agape Love for you. He has NOT forsaken you and your name is forever engraved in His Hands. Be teachable and allow Him to train you every day. His plan is to prosper you and not to harm you (Jeremiah 29:11-14) , to give you hope and a future. The prayers of His children are effective and powerful. Experience His Presence in your life every day! God’s Light shines over you and give you peace (Numbers 6:24-26) .

GOD blesses you!

Retha Beselaar