Oscar, I believe you

Dear Oscar,

I just finished watching your TV interview which I had recorded as I wanted to see you tell your story after following your very public trial on TV. My partner has been unwell and only saw the first 10-12 minutes but before he fell asleep he said to me “I believe he is being honest and real – you can just tell”…..and I am writing this message to you Oscar because “I believe you”. 

I am truly sorry for your loss and sorry for Reeva’s family and close friends not to mention your family who must miss her dearly too. 

I am not religious but live an open and honest life so I believe I know honesty when I see it and for me “Yours is the face of truth and honesty Oscar”. 

Keep your head high and always stand proud for the man you are. You deserve to be happy, you are still here because you still have things to accomplish and overcome for I believe we solely exist for the sake of others, to help, support and teach them with what we have been through and learned along the way. Be patient and never give up on the truth. Sending you love and support – how I sincerely hope you read this message. 

Much love Oscar – be safe always.

From Nicole Hibbert (NZ)

One thought on “Oscar, I believe you

  1. Hi Oscar I have to write to you after all the chaos of the sentencing week. Do not worryGod is with you. I so wish you could be able to look back without pain in your heart when we could see the nurse telling fibs under oath only to make you look bad. But we know you. And secondly I could not understand why could they not give your medication after your family has gone out of their way to try to get medication?I still think the nursing staff should have taken the medication and ask the doctor to prescribe even over the phone. That was not scheduled medication . Now we only pray that your sentence should be served at home and you can be able to help the community you love. Philisiwe


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