Compassion & Understanding

I am glad I found this website in support of Oscar Pistorius, as I am really disturbed & shocked with the sheer hatred, anger and vitriol expressed by people on the Internet. I cannot understand and I am deeply saddened by their oppressive condemnation. Both my partner (from SA) and I feel this was a tragic accident for all involved. As a fallible human being, my heart goes out to Oscar. I am sorry for the loss & pain he lives with. I am also sorry that he has to return to prison, though at least it is not for fifteen years. I hope he will be safe, and as well as he can be. There are people in the world who offer him compassion & understanding. I hope he is aware of this.


3 thoughts on “Compassion & Understanding

  1. Sad to hear how some people openly show hate, never knew so many unsympathetic people were on this earth.I have supported oscar since that valentines day an will until he leaves this earth. I honestly believe he didn’t intentionally shoot her an unless oscar tells me personally otherwise I will believe him. So glad the court case is finally over so that his family can try an carry on with there lives as before that fatal day.


  2. When you a parent it’s hard to think of anything but your kids! Tragedy strikes and unfortunately we have to go through such!
    Oscar made a mistake! Was not on purpose!
    It’s so heartsore watching him go through the pain over and over! The day Reeva died ! Oscar died too…trying to rise from such circumstances will take somebody who knows they didn’t mean it! Hopefully Oscar is able to to find forgiveness and start healing! Oscar thanks for saying sorry! Reeva will always be in our hearts! Hopefully we can allow her to rest! Take care! God bless!


  3. Dear Anonymous just do not read the hatred of the ignorant insignificant comments on the Internet . They are not worth your time of day , and to be pitied , as they wont have watched the whole trial , seen life through Oscars eyes as an amputee, and are so inhuman as to lack any understanding or compassion , void of being able to see deep within Oscars broken soul . The world is now full of evil , but thankfully there are still caring human beings , all of us who share this support website know this was a terrible accident and Oscar will come through , stronger than ever , and we all stand up for our belief .


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