You Were There For Us

Oscar I am so glad that you were there for us, and especially when we knew our dear little Hafliði would be born without legs below the knee. To see you run in Athens and just a year later Haflidi was born, and everything was much better to know that he would be able to run like you, wow that was amazing since our dear Hafliði is always on the move.

It is so invaluable what you have done for my family and it we can never pay you back.

I want to thank you for always being there for Haflidi and us his family when needed, you are always so kind and unselfish, and they love you very very much.

You are one of us and you always will be, I feel it and I know it.

I often think of you though I’ve never met you and I am so grateful to you. A big thank you.

You are always in my prayers every night, I’m so grateful that you exist.

I wish you all the best dear Oscar.

Warm regards,

Gudrun, Reykjavik, Iceland.


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