I Believe Oscar

Hi my name is Tina and I live in the UK.

I wanted to find out if their was a way of contacting Oscar to give him my support after watching his interview on ITV a couple of weeks ago on TV.

I found it very interesting hearing his accounts of what happened the night Reeva died. I want to let him know that I believe him and that the courts have well and truly stitched him up. Only two people will ever only know the truth and that’s Oscar and Reeva. It was a very tragic accident and I do understand what he must be feeling because I have had a very tragic accident happen to me which will haunt me for the rest of my life.

I hope this message does get to him and if I could write to him I would like that very much.

Kind Regards
Tina M.


One thought on “I Believe Oscar

  1. I too live in the UK but am originally from s.africa. I mist be honest and say at the beginning I believed Oscar was guilty due to what the media was portraying. However, after watching his interview. I have a totally different perspective on this tragedy. I felt I was walking in his shoes and seeing and feeling how he did that fatal night. Only someone who has grown up in SA and understand the violent culture will u appreciate the fear that goes through you at a time like this. No one seems to admire him for his courage and the instinct to protect reeva at what he perceived as a home invasion. Oscars life will never be the same and he has to live with his memories forever. I wish him peace of mind, contentment and happiness. I hope his 6 yr sentence goes by quickly for him and that he can look to the future with anticipation and courage. All the very best. X


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